The Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce & Industry issues Visa Recommendation Letters in favor of foreign Embassies/ High Commissions/ Consulates, in Pakistan, to support the Visa Applications of the members. Normally, it will take one week for processing the Visa Recommendation Letter application of members.


Any member of GCCI may file his application for the issuance of a Visa Recommendation Letter. The members (Proprietors/ Partners/ Directors) are required to submit the following documents for the issuance of a Visa Recommendation Letter.

  • Request Letter (on their own Letterhead) signed by the Authorized Representative in the Chamber, duly filled.
  • Application Form.
  • Copy of National Identity Card with the original.
  • Copy of Passport with visa pages (if any).
  • Bank Statement for the last six months.
  • Copy of Membership certificate.
  • Invitation from foreign customers (in case of business visa) or Hotel Booking.
  • One Picture of Passport Size.
  • Proof of National Tax Number (NTN) that he is paying Income Tax.

In case of Employee applies for a Visa Recommendation Letter is required to submit some additional documents with the above documents mentioned.

  • Service Certificate with monthly drawing salary (six months).
  • The Undertaking Form should be signed by the firm’s authorized representative in the Chamber.
  • Signature of the firm’s authorized representative on the request letter as well as on the undertaking must be verified from the Chamber’s record.